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Phoenix Country Club (LS)
by Microsoft

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 3
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2001-01-18  9,900,723  bytes 72  7073 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
Course ID Course Key
491d0cef70374ac19aa0aac11265198a  bdb39232595b81312715385388121977 

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Real, woodland course
Concept  2/10
There's not much that makes this course stand up and demand to be counted. Thin fairways thread straightish paths between some daunting (and pretty bizarre-looking, it has to be said) forests. There's precious little to tell one hole from the next and the whole course radiates mediocrity.
Appearance  2/10
Pretty poor, on the whole. The planting looks utterly bizarre and unnatural, with several obvious clones. The tee boxes deform the surrounding landscape, and several odd-looking humps and bumps adorn the fairways. Even the views of the greens are unclear, which not only looks ugly, but also impedes the playing of the game.
Playability  0/10
Yawnarama! There is no variety on this course, utterly none. You'll play one soulless Par 4 after another; if one seems a bit longer, it's a Par 5s; and the 3s are completely nondescript. It's possible to play round without using half the shots in your armoury; the bunkers don't come into play at all and the tightness of the fairways is frustrating. I can't see any reason for anybody to enjoy a round here.
Challenge  5/10
Despite the restrictive fairways, the course is too easy, and for one very important reason: the greens. Nearly every green is large and completely flat, and a much too easy way to reward yourself with birdies. Thankfully, the forested areas encroach quite alarmingly, so there's a good chance you'll get tangled up in a tree before the stream of birdies runs to ridiculous levels.
Technical  1/10
I honestly thought when playing this course that it had been made by an APCD first-timer. The planting is bizarre, tropical and completely inapt, there are hard edges and unlikely elevations all over the shop, and the greens are a joke. It's scarcely believable that this is alleged to be a commercial course. Shocking.
Overall Probably Microsoft's least redeeming moment. An awful mess of a course which doesn't engage or challenge you one bit. 10/50
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