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The Spruces at Twin Lakes
by Ron Hubbard

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 284
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2001-02-25  21,302,344  bytes 72  7405 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  MOUNTAIN  Spruce_Lakes.crz 
Course ID Course Key
47b3aca67ae04277b87ffcf9950c602d  05ccd1b6ac7db9f2442ec6a391e77104 


Reviewed by Dave Campbell

Expectations: The name had me thinking about a dense forested course.

First Impressions: This is the only design that Ron has uploaded to the Links Corner. It was posted on 2/25/01 and measures in at just under 15 meg. It is a mountain/forest course that features water prominently and is a par 72 playing to 7,405 yards from the back tees. Yet again we are treated to the Whistler Mountain panorama but what other pano could there be for this type of course.

This is a pretty nice layout, particularly for a first offering. There are extruded green to fringe to rough, as well as an extruded first cut. There are nice elevation changes throughout the course to enhance the feel of this course being carved right into a mountain pass. Side hill, up hill, down hill lies will be the norm here so club selection and shot adjustment will be at a premium.

Water is everywhere on this course in the form of lakes and streams. There seems to be a lake nestled to one side or the other of many greens forcing you to be accurate with your approach shots. The streams are superb on this course, with several crossing the fairways with holes 5 and 7 being the best examples. The streams are totally planted with rocks, low green ground cover type brush and some flowering shrubs. This looks very real and pleasing to the eye.

The bunkers are well placed for the most part and are fairly average. They are sunk nicely and offer you a fair chance of recovery. The meshwork seems to be sound with shadows looking normal.

The greens are varied in look and offer a good putting experience. Some of the reverse cam views of these greens offer spectacular views, the 3rd, 10th and 11th to name a few. There are some with severe slopes so the closer you get to the pin on these holes the better.

The whole layout in general is very well done with each hole being a new and different look. There are some great elevations on this course with breathtaking views from several tee boxes. Many additional objects are sprinkled about including yardage stakes, cart paths and carts, benches, ball washers, a nice fence on the 2nd tee, a log cabin off the 2nd green, bathrooms, a picnic area on the 3rd hole and a variety of bridges. All seem to fit nicely. Planting in general looked realistic and varied, nothing out of place here.

Drawbacks: It looks like several holes fall victim to 'row planting', particularly of the spruce variety. I believe this may be Ron's intent (it is The Spruce at Twin Lakes after all) but it did catch my eye several times and looks a bit unnatural. This is evident on the 3rd and 7th holes.

I noticed a couple of funny shadows on a few fairways as well as hard edges around the 1st hole green. I thought the OB area was awful close to the fairway on the 2nd hole, not necessarily an error just a preference of mine.

Although the bunkers are nice overall they look like they could benefit from a bit more work. Although sunk nicely with decent mesh I think they would look better with a nice lip (see screenshot). There are scores of courses out now with awesome bunkers. Traps that don't get that extra TLC look very plain in comparison. Once again this is just my opinion and overall the bunkers don't detract much from an enjoyable round of cyber golf.

The water would look better with a more defined bank (see screenshot). This again is another preference of mine and does not necessarily constitute an error.

Best Hole: There are many to choose from and it isn't an easy decision. I will opt for the par 4 10th, a beautiful hole that offers a stern test. A severely elevated tee (33 yards) to a dogleg right fairway. A lake looms on the left all the way to the skinny green, with bunkers front and right of the green. I also like the par 4 3rd hole with an approach over water, and a beautiful bridge, to a very tricky green. The par 5 5th hole has a fairway that's split three times and is bisected by those wonderful streams I talked about earlier. My screenshot is a reverse of my approach to the 10th green. Through the trees and up that hill is where the tee box is. Awesome hole! Check it out, my approach shot wasn't too bad :o)

Comparable courses: Twin Lakes Mountain Resort by Tim Bausch, Falcon Ridge by John Borycheski

Overall: This is a very well done course that has a varied and fun layout. There are many mountain courses available and there has to be some special things going on the catch my eye. This course did that and at a small file size. I would recommend you take a look at The Spruce at Twin Lakes, you just might find it as enjoyable as I did.

Course Info :
Cameo Screen? Yes
Splash Screen? Yes
Text file? No
Hole Previews?
Reviewed June 2001

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