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The Reservoir Course
by James Wood

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 280
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2000-12-08  6,664,867  bytes 70  6736 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  DESERT  reservoir.crz 
Course ID Course Key
d696ada0b1d011d4bffbc22ac13631f8  3e81dc0b44bb564a483da6b93027ea55 


Reviewed by Lacy Gearheart

First Impression: This is an earlier design by James Wood. It is a fictional desert course that is set around several rock like reservoirs. The terrain varies from orange sandstone and grey desert rock to lightly coloured grass seen on the course. The course plays a very short 6736 yards from the back tees, but plays much longer due to the gradual but great elevation changes from tee to green. The fairways are typical in shape but are very vast is size and offer a generous landing zone for your tee shots. Several holes dog leg to challenge your shot making ability. Due to the width of the fairways...there is no real need to fade or draw the ball.

The vegetation consists of numerous bushes and flower like plants surrounded by various types of cactus plants. The plantings don't really affect your shots since they are quite short in stature. Several areas of orange desert sand act as hazards in addition to many small pot like bunkers and long snake like bunkers. The hazards seem to be in optimal places to cause havoc and look pretty good overall.

This is a nature filled course; since I did not see any man made structures with the exception of ballwashers and the water coolers. For an early design...It may show a few flaws, but looks quite good and very playable. I could see it used as a great warm up course since it renders very quickly and the file size is very small. Overall, not a bad course for an early APCD design. It may not be an exceptionally beautiful course, but should offer alot to a links newcomer that wants a unique look and a course that is quite forgiving.

Custom amenities: Just golf is found here. The only other things you will see are ballwashers at each tee box and water coolers on every other hole. Quite the nature course.

Greens: They were generally APCD stock shapes but were very big. They were not sloped but were slanted with the terrain. Anything over 15 feet made for a long putt that moved a lot. Very challenging for this newly acquired PS player with limited skills. The #8 green did show a large dark shadow on the back side...most likely due to a pulled vert or a drastic elevation change between textures.

Fairways: They were very wide and offered a large landing area. Several were dog legged to challenge your tee shot. I did notice that the main rough was labelled 1st cut. I was not sure if that was just an oversight or intentional. Just thought it should be noted. The was no second cut of rough noted.

Tee Boxes: They were flat and offered good views of the fairways except the ones designed not to show any.

Bunkers and Water Hazards: The bunkers were shaped liked round pot bunkers or long snake bunkers. Each was full of white sand and edged with a rough texture. They were nicely lowered but did not show a dirt lip. A few bunkers were smaller in size but were placed in the fairway and textured with orange sand/dirt. The water hazards were all man made quarry like reservoirs. They were usually squared and edged with a rock-like texture.

Planting: This being a desert course...not much planting was seen, but the many bushes and cactus plants looked good in their places and offered a natural atmosphere.

Best Hole: They were all pretty decent but one stuck out in my mind. The par 4 uphill 346 yard #9 hole killed my score. It was a dog leg right that I played a driver off the tee. The approach shot was to a round large green with a dried up river bed in front and a single large bunker to the left. The green was sloped from back to front and if you hit your approach to the mid or lower section of the green.....your ball did an "Augusta" and rolled all the way down the hill, off the green, and into the river bed. I attempted this shot 5 times before I finally got the ball to stick. Tough hole.

Overall: A decent early desert course that at one time could have been considered the best of its kind. The generous fairways will offer a great round for beginners and a good putting challenge to many. It may not be an "Elite" course, but it can be a great tune-up course and should be looked at.

Course Info :
Cameo Screen? Yes
Splash Screen? Yes
Text file? No
Hole Previews?
Reviewed April 2001

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