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Royal St. George's 2021Open -Beta v0.91  BETA
by John Brooks, Adelade

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 2666
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2021-07-14  30,950,530  bytes 70  7181 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  LINKS  Royal St. George's 2021Open -Beta v0.91.crz 
Course ID Course Key
94b34c03e45443cbaeb0613fde722d16  5cb04c5f9a7d119e9bd06e942a443a5b 


Part of the Readme, written by Adelade:

I had originally not intended to do any work on this course, but a week before The Open someone brought up that John Brooks 2021 Beta version was still not made final, and John Brooks had not visited Links Corner for a little over a month. It got me reconsidering perhaps making a very small and simple edit, which actually turned into a decently moderate update in the end. John Brooks has always been open to me (or I think anyone, for that matter) making updates of his courses whenever I've asked him in the past, so I cant imagine him having any issue with this. To be fully clear - John Brooks made this course and I simply edited it, it is mostly his course and I very much thank him for making it available to us all!

My goal with this update was not a perfected course or anything, just a quick little project to fix the things I personally considered most crucial. More specifically - I wanted to make the greens and pins playable on challenging settings, remove the sharp edges that were in play, improve/change some of the textures slightly, and change the panorama. I ended up doing more than that, a full list of changes can be found below.

This Beta version is published before the Open, and during the Open there will be much more opportunity to see things to improve, so the plan is to release a final afterwards, though I dont know how many changes I will make (if any at all - I ended up already doing a lot of work on the greens). I have my main APCD projects that I dont want to get too distracted from anyhow, so I dont mean to spend a bunch of weeks on St George's, but as always I would be very happy to hear feedback, opinions and suggestions. Please dont hold back on any negative thoughts.

I frankly dont know a lot about this course, all I know I've learned in the past week, but it is a classic Open venue with classic Links golf - enough said? If you want to experience the course the realistic way, do play it with Windy at least on occasion, and firm settings are also realistic for linksland golf unless it is raining perhaps. Greens and pins are made to be enjoyable with realistic Open green speeds, I recommend F/Mc (or faster, since run-off areas - which are a huge part of linksland golf - play quite sluggish in Links). Pins #0-3 are based on 2011 Open positions, with #0 for day 1, #1 for day 2, and so forth.

Changes compared to the Beta release by John Brooks named "Royal St. George's Sandwich 2021":
[I usually write these down as I go but I didnt this time, lets see if I remember them all]
-Green contours remade on all 18 greens, as well as many areas just outside green edges. More work could always be made on them (especially if I end up watching the Open a lot in the next few days), but I think I managed to make the main features decently accurate already.
-Pins completely replanted, pins 0-3 are based on locations for the 2011 Open (#0 for day 1, #1 for day 2 and so on). Not all greens have 18 pins and they all lack difficulty settings for now (all listed as Normal / Medium).
-Removed sharp edges for all play areas.
-Texture colours edited slightly. Sand texture completely swapped. Tee texture replaced with the same one as fairways. Some alphas had to be changed as a result of edges being unsharpened.
-New panorama. Custom edit of the APCD stock "Pasture" one. It doesnt look that great but better than the old one IMO, and I think I managed to make it decently accurate.
-2D Grasses deleted and replanted like they were before, to get rid of their topviews and high impact they had on the shadow file previously. The difference is that the new grasses have slight dampening if you hit them, but they're still very easy to escape from.
-Crowds (hastily) added.
-Various minor edits: Cleaned up 2D object houses a little, removed shadows of bridges on hole 14, moved out of bounds line on a couple holes, wind direction subtly changed, added a bushtree on hole 3, added two fairway bunkers on 18th and removed one of the old + increased the green size - to fit real-life changes since 2011 (note that hole previews have not been updated). Edited edge of plot to fix some odd views from certain angles, fixed some broken seamblends here and there, fixed some texture and seam blend properties, lessened some of the most "cataclysmic" fairway bumps to be more realistic (dont worry I left them severe enough), added some of the main fairway ridges/bumps/hills/etc that I saw, changed course name to include "2021Open", moved a few bunkers here and there short distances (didnt bother in some places so I know some bunkers (that didnt seem like they would be in play much) are still a little off. There may likely be a few more that I didnt spot yet).
-With v0.91 I removed aiming poles on 13th and 10th fairways, since they had collision settings, and those tee shots didnt seem to be blind.

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