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The National-Old Course 2021
by Sage Vanni

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 2621
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2021-01-05  114,832,708  bytes 72  7026 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  UNCLASSIFIED  The National-Old Course 2021 v1.10.crz 
Course ID Course Key
699fb100ab374291b58a1c9fea36d52f  2a1b5f0b6249ea89f59a3ad8dd2a70da 


Modified and Uploaded with the original designer's consent by me - Adelade.

Thank you Sage Vanni for letting me make and publish this update of this course of yours (the original can still be found in LC's course list), and for letting me do so with free hands. My goal was not to change anything major about the course, but rather to fix or edit a number of minor details, therefore it is an extremely small update, so I chose not to include myself as a listed designer. I mostly made it for my own enjoyment in my seasons, but saw no reason not to share it with others as well. Most people may not even notice the changes, the only relatively obvious one at a first glance is the panorama change, but another significant one is the overhaul of pin positions - enabling tougher (but still fair) setups with the faster challenging green settings. As I mentioned there are a number of smaller fixes and edits as well, a full list of which can be found further below.

The course is a real one on the coast near Melbourne in Australia, it is quite gentle, with mostly somewhat wide fairways and a number of easy greens, so I advise using some wind (which seems appropriate for the setting), firm greens and among the fastest of green speeds you are comfortable with, even some of the more challenging pins if you enjoy courses not being too easy. I recommend Gusty, F/Mc or F/Fc, and why not these custom pins I selected for my own Career Mode round (its not the very toughest set, but not that far from it):
9 15 15 14 17 12 16 15 14, 13 14 14 10 16 15 12 14 13.
I also want to add that the panorama looks best with bright, clear skies.

Complete list of all my changes compared to the original version (loosely sorted from bigger to smaller):
-A large amount of pins on all greens moved, mostly to enable more challenging setups (even if using very fast green speeds), there are still plenty easier pins of course. Some rare pins may not be 100% enjoyable on Fc/Fc but the majority are. I did not bother to arrange pin numbers or difficulty settings in a logical fashion this time around.
-Changed Panorama to the stock "Ocean Cliffs" one, except a custom edit of it (in order to turn the ocean towards the correct direction).
-Removed mid and far versions of the two deep grass textures and made new mid versions for both.
-Added modest crowds.
-Wind direction subtly changed by 30 degrees to the left, to what local wind roses showed as the most common direction during the main local golf season.
-Removed some planted grasses on the 10th fairway.
-Changed texture property of the Fringe from Green to Fairway, since that is the usual setting.
-Fixed a corrupt tree object on holes 5 and 15 (by extracting and replanting).
-Very, very subtle undulations added to certain greens (holes 5, 9, 15 and 17) on wide sections that previously showed as "flat" with the BLI, they all remain having a character of relatively very flat green sections however.
-Fixed a couple mesh shadows by un-sharpening a few edges on holes 9 and 17.
-Made a couple trees in the background slightly smaller to make clones more discreet on holes 5 and 18.
-Deleted texture faces of the Ocean on the side of the plot, to let the ocean on the panorama be seen there instead, in case the area ever comes into view.
-Changed a single stock mud texture at a distant corner of the plot (to be safe just in case it is one of those stock textures that can cause the "red sky" glitch).
-Seam blend properties were correct from the beginning, but they got messed up because of something I did (it wasn't the pano thing so I'm not quite sure exactly what, although I have a suspicion), so I set those back to proper categories.
-Added the real names of the three roads on the plot.
-Name change (adding 2021)
-A tiny edit to the splash screen with a mention of my edits.

Thank you gator for the useful beta testing,
Thank you Sage for making this course!

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