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Abe's Creek
by Jeff aka "TexAgs"

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My home course is bisected by a large, man-made drainage easement and Abe’s Creek has a similar feature running through it. Other than that, this is a fictional woodland course where the trees are pared way back and they’ve let the native grass grow in. I wanted to design a course that was fun and playable for all skill levels and green speed, and a file size and graphics suitable for all computers. For the skilled Pro Player, with no wind and normal greens, it should yield plenty of birdie chances. For the Champ & Elite Player there are some tight areas, but still playable, and you’ll have some slopes to deal with, but the course is open so you have ample room to move the ball off the slopes toward the target. The putting difficulty has a lot of variability based on the pin position, and only the occasional pin may cause a problem. At Challenging green speeds some players will grumble, but the greens are very manageable for the skilled player. There are plenty o
f flat putts, too, and with a little experimentation each green has pins available for Challenging speeds. Sergio the Computer Player routinely scores about -10.

Bring the driver, it’s long, especially when the wind is against you. There are closely mown areas around the greens so some balls tend to run away from missed greens into interesting chipping areas. And, since the course maintenance budget is well funded, some greens are large, but with pins on the edges you need to play to the correct part of the green and they can play much smaller.

The first time on the course play the Black (back) tees. After that, it is recommended that you play from Random Tees! A design feature that may be a little unique is that there is one large tee box for each hole. On the tee box are 5 sets of tees, all about 10 yards of each other, you’ll see them in the screenshots. The Black tees are the “back” tees, and the course plays 7,426 yards from the Black tees. The other four tees range from 7,253 to 7,335 yards, and there is no rhyme or reason as to how the tees are laid on the box, i.e. the Red tees are not always the closest. The effect I am going for is to give variability to the tee placements/angles instead of the tees always being in the same place on the box. IRL the greenskeeper moves tees up, back, left, right on the box. So, choosing Random Tees will mimic this factor. Or just choose all Red (or all White, or all Yellow, or all Blue), and you’ll have a little different look from the tee box, not any easier or harder, bu
t just a little different look or angle.

The ditch feature is marked as a hazard in real life, but a found ball is usually playable. To mimic this the ditch is not marked as a hazard in the game, and I guarantee that you will always find your ball! A ball in the ditch can have an unpredictable lie, but it is usually a 2 club adjustment if you play from the ditch and fairway woods seem to work fine. Outside the ditch, high grass comes in to play on just a couple of holes. If you are these areas, a SW thru 7 iron gives the best relief, as a 6 iron+ may get smothered in the grass. Occasionally a flop 5-wood pops the ball up nicely. The high-grass lie is unpredictable, so it’s best to avoid it!

An unusual observation is that I believe the course looks better without shadows. There is a forested perimeter and the shadows make the forest appear very dark. Your graphics may differently, but for me, no shadows provides the best viewing.

GL & Hit’em Str8!

Jeff aka “TexAgs”


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