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The National GC of Kansas City
by Dan DeShaney

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 2454
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2019-02-16  181,887,543  bytes 72  7037 yards
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REAL  WOODLAND  The National GC of Kansas City.crz 
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At last, after 14 long months, I am releasing my simulated rendition of "The National Golf Club of Kansas City". I specifically built it to simulate the actual course and all of the surrounding streets and houses, and to give the player the feel of actually being there. My main goal throughout this project was to keep things as realistic as possible. It is heavily loaded with detail, and I have implemented some new ideas that I had worked out during my APCD learning years. The elevations throughout were taken from Google Earth, and are set as close as possible. The entire course was replicated from information provided by Google Earth and all buildings and properties are made to look similar to the real course.

The Water
There is no reflective water on this course. Instead I created my own water textures for the lakes and creek water. Doing so enabled me to create much more realistic looking seam blended shorelines between the water and land.

The Houses & Buildings
For those that aren't aware, the "planted" 3D buildings provided in the APCD planting sets cannot be seen in the top cam in the game. Players that use the top camera will see the actual Google Earth imagery surrounding the course. However, from the ground during the game you will see 3D houses planted on top of the Google Earth imagery. There is a 3D house planted on top of every house on the entire plot, along with trees and shrubbery. There are also several 3D industrial buildings in various locations that are visible in the distance from certain places on the course.

Players Views
I believe this to be an ideal course for the serious players that enjoy playing without a top camera. Most of the tee shot views are visible, and for those that aren't, the hole previews will provide you with what you need to manage the hole. Players that use the top cam will see the course with the surrounding neighborhoods as they are actually seen on Google Earth.

Environmental Sounds
For added realism I created 7 environmental sounds, including ambient birds, water lapping against the lake shores, water rippling in the creeks, a dog barking, traffic sounds alongside an industrial park, and kids playing in the swimming pool near the clubhouse.

"The National" is not particularly a difficult course. The difficulty comes from how the pins and green conditions are set up. The greens are not easy and the course can be quite challenging with some wind and fast greens. There are several holes that have to be managed properly during tournament play if you expect to shoot a good score. I have tested it quite a bit with no top cam view. It plays well in that mode and I have really enjoyed the games.

The course is all decked out in early fall colors with the grasses freshly trimmed, the greens mowed, and the bunkers raked, and is in prime tournament condition.

I hope everyone enjoys playing my rendition of "The National".

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