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Desert Valley CC - Tournament Edition
by Tim Boche

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

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2018-08-20  73,558,920  bytes 7368 yards
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This is one of a 3 course package.

During my youth, I began drawing golf courses. Letting my imagination run wild and playing these holes only in my mind. After many years trying to learn how to use APCD, I finally found a way to bring some of these courses to life, while others remain as only pencil on paper.
The walls of my room were covered in golf courses and golf holes. Desert Valley Golf and Country Club started from a drawing I made on an 8 1/2 X 11 inch piece of paper when I was about 15.

It started as a desert course, closely resembling the layout and design of the drawing. I then changed the textures and found it also looked interesting as a wooded course. Then a few years ago, I decided to reconvert it back into a desert course. This course was originally designed almost 8 years ago in my APCD infancy and was actually set up using the shape insertion method. Finally, after years of tinkering, converting, unconverting and so forth, I found a reason to finally release the courses.

Woodland Trail - This course is the converted woodland course from the original desert design and probably the most severe of the alterations, as this has the most unadjusted elevations of the holes and greens. I kind of liked these earlier elevations. Maybe you will too.

Desert Valley CC - This course that most closely represents the course I pictured in my mind and drew on paper. It was reconverted to its original desert design from the woodland course. The greens were softened to better support faster speeds, some bunkering and hole layout changes were made to hopefully make the course more fun to play.
Desert Valley CC - Tournament Edition - This is an alteration of the Desert Valley CC course with that addition of dormant rough and crowds and tournament objects.

I wish to give my thanks to all the talented people that have allowed a basic designer as me to take something from my imagination and make it virtually real. So for those who make textures, I think these are alterations and combination of Paul Seaman's and others from designers I have found over 8 years of designing. The 2d objects are mostly standard with some additions that I believe may have come from Dr. Rob.

The custom 3d objects were made by me with the exception of the grandstands, which are an amazing piece of work from Dr. Rob and inspired me to try and make my own 3D objects. The panoramas I believe are custom, though I don't remember where they came from and whose amazing talent created them. The hole previews were created with my basic skills, but the binder is from one I have used on many courses from a file Mike Jones allowed me to modify.

For the rest of the community, thank you for all the responses to my years of questions, and finally to the friends made in the Links/APCD community, thank you for the years of support and fun.
I hope you enjoy the courses.

Tim Boche


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