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Brierwood Hills Golf Club
by Noah Neumann

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1925
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2009-12-17  0  bytes 72  6751 yards
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Brierwood Hills - By Noah Neumann - An updated version of Brierwood Golf and Country Club based on a real life layout using aerial photos but with fictional elevations and planting.

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Fictional, forest course
Concept  4/10
Brierwood is a re-release, and to be honest one which might have been better left alone. There's an uncomfortable feeling all the way round of the course having been mapped out first and elevated later, which indeed has been the case. Although the pine-like spindly forest works well, the water features are very artificial, and almost feel like an afterthought. It's just not as remarkable as Noah's other, much more striking courses, and in many ways I preferred the original.
Appearance  5/10
Very clean-cut, even amid the trees, there has never been too much to feast the eye upon at Brierwood, and the obviousness of the elevations has hardly helped its credibility. There's a lot of quite obvious extrusion going on, and the most convincing part of the course is the woodland, which is relatively clone-free, as these things go.
Playability  5/10
Brierwood was originally a fairly inoffensive course, and it was reasonable to expect the changes to add playability. Oddly, though, this isn't at all what has happened. Sure, a few greens have been ironed out, but the expectation on the approach shots just doesn't seem to work, and the elevations around the water hazards are turning it into more of a crazy golf than anything else. It might add novelty, but it doesn't really do anything for the gameplay.
Challenge  6/10
One of the factors I always look for as far as difficulty is concerned is the degree to which the elevations come into play. Which is why this course is all the more puzzling: despite having the gradients significantly toyed-with, it's somehow considerably easier. The hole design, and the reasonable imagination therein, is all that makes your round worthwhile.
Technical  5/10
Mucking about a bit with the mesh doesn't really count as technical improvement in my book. Not, at least, when there was re-texturing and customisation work which might have taken priority. The lack of underplanting just never convinces us that we're playing a forest course.
Overall Not so much an experiment gone wrong as an experiment that might as well have not been executed. A personable but really quite unmemorable course. 25/50
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