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5 Lakes Barrage
by Thomas Wagner

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1764
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2007-05-17  107,520,000  bytes 72  7631 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
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Dear Linksters
»5 Lakes Barrage GC« is an imaginary course in a lakeside scenery in the surroundings of a city (I think it is the pano of Calgary). I tried to make the greens mod-friendly as told in the many well-meaning comments to my before done courses.

The par 72 course has a length of 7177 yards (~6425 m).
5 teeboxes and 12 pinpositions at each hole.
Logo, custom pano, splash, hole previews are added.
Also included: several textures and objects (trees, bushes etc.)
I did not plant crowds because of the file size, but dont fear, it
renders well and even the shadow-file comes up fast.
Sometimes from a few points of view some strange looking stripes are
appearing on the water surface but I hope that does not disturb too
much (I did not find a solution to remove them).
Many thanks to all designers which will recognise their textures and
objects I used thankful.
So I hope you will have fun and challenge when playing the course.

With best regards
Thomas Wagner
»keep swinging«

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Imaginary, marshland course.
Concept  8/10
Imagine, if you will, an almost exact cross between Estate Heights and Rivendell. Well, believe it or not, that is the ground that 5 Lakes is trying to tread. To do so as well as it does is a testament to Tom's increasing ambition and assurance at laying out courses that are that little bit different. The closing stretch is a terrific mish-mash of towering rockwork and colourful planting. The course is a little disjointed at parts, but is pulled together well by the unusual red grasses and the constant presence of an aura that is just that little bit different.
Appearance  7/10
While plenty of ambition has gone into the grand panorama, it does fee l excessively stitched together after you've seen cityscape, pastureland and massive rolling mountains. It's that and the overblown rockworks that catapult this course firmly into the 'fantasy' category. Elsewhere, though, there's some assured planting, and the whole course is blended together and into the background surprisingly well.
Playability  9/10
5 Lakes is one of those wonderful 'what happens next' courses that keeps the player second-guessing. There are many opportunities to attack the course, and plenty to see thanks to the ambitious layout and constantly changing elevations. It's a shame there's little by way of ambient sound, but that's really only a minor quibble.
Challenge  6/10
You might expect this type of course to really put the hammer down, but you'll have a pleasant surprise. The fairways might be narrow, but the landing areas are pretty generous, and the greens are tricky but readable. The rocks and water won't snap up too much, but the heavy rough just might. Just the right side of fair.
Technical  7/10
There are just a few odds and ends that it's easy to pick up around this course. It's too easy to see mesh faces on the rocks, and the stitching of the panorama is uneven. More than once I found a surface with an odd assignation (rock acting like wood, and so forth). Thankfully, the planting is novel and exciting, and the coherence and challenge of the course support it very well.
Overall A rollercoaster of ride from a man who is rapidly pioneering great fantasy course design. I, for one, would like to see much more of it. 37/50
Please remember that Clipnote reviews are the opinion of one person and do not constitute an 'Official' Links Corner review of the course.


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