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Balmoral Seaside Hotel and Golf Links
by Noah Neumann

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1731
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2007-02-19  33,660,928  bytes 70  6423 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  LINKS  balmoral_locked.crz 
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CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Fictional, links course
Concept  10/10
Not the real Irish course by the same name, Balmoral is squeezed into a narrow stretch of sand dunes along an unspecified, but presumably Scottish coastline. If you can ignore the cramped feeling and a few eccentricities, it works delightfully well, the designer aiming for an average seaside links with a few twists and turns. It appears longer than it actually is, thanks to a little bit of gimmickry (the 11th might just be the best 100- yard hole I've ever seen), the unusual amalgamation of the greens and tee boxes and a terrific understanding from the designer as to what constitutes good borderline-fantasy golf. The tight space and myriad objects just off the track help you appreciate the atmosphere all the more.
Appearance  8/10
There's a lovely soft feeling to this course: the textures have been admirably chosen and blended, although I do have a reservation about the Tee Area texture, which just looks odd, rather than worn or divoted. The amount of customisation is likewise brilliant (the Balmoral Hotel has been exported wholesale from central Edinburgh!). Lack of planting options have meant a lot of cloning in the gorse, although this isn't really visible from the golfer's perspective. The other flipside is some towering and unrealistic dunes towards the turn. But on the whole, it's a view most definitely worth having.
Playability  10/10
Knockout! Purists might not like Balmoral too much, but anyone who feels able to put their golfing pedanticism on hold will adore the variety of this coure. Tee shots tend not to be too strategic, but the use of sand dune elevations and links-like ridges and swales means that every shot thereafter will require thought. It's not the most varied course, to be honest, but it is damn entertaining.
Challenge  4/10
With wide open fairways and a course length under 6500 yards, it's a no-brainer to guess that Balmoral is pretty easy. After the first couple of holes you'd be forgiven for thinking a sub-60 round was on the cards. Thankfully, the whole thing tightens up thereafter by bringing the gorse a bit more into play. The wide open fairways will always guarantee birdies, though.
Technical  8/10
Any course with such a large amount of customisation is worth playing round a couple of times; this one is no exception. It's a great piece of work, not least in the well-handled surface and mesh. I can't say I'm keen on a couple of texture choices - the tees and sod walls most notably. Perhaps it might desirable to have used a little more space, but Noah's talent for innovation is well-grounded here.
Overall Links straying toward fantasy land, but a terrifically enjoyable round of golf regardless. 40/50
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 Votes cast
Ace12 %8
Eagle42 %27
Birdie31 %20
Par12 %8
Bogey or worse3 %2

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