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Europe 2006
by Thomas Wagner

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1719
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2007-01-04  82,522,112  bytes 72  7457 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  UNCLASSIFIED  europe 2006_final.crz 
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CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Imaginary, concept course.
Concept  10/10
There should be more courses like this. Lifting an idea straight from the Crazy Golf world, Tom Wagner sends you on a golfing tour of a virtual map of Europe. There are impressive little touches, not least the change in planting as you proceed around the continent, and some enterprising hole design which can only be done on a course with this sort of terrain limitations. While there may be flaws, this is the type of idea that I'm only happy to see more of. Long may the innovation continue!
Appearance  6/10
There's a bit of a cartoon-like feel, which is appropriate and only to be expected, and a fair number of course objects to add atmosphere. The choice of water texture is delightful, but perhaps the biggest problem is with the gradienting, which has suffered from a lack of attention to fine detail. Sometimes it's too much; other times it just doesn't provide enough variety. Plus you can't shake off the feel of artificiality about the course.
Playability  7/10
It really depends how engaged you can get with this conceit. Fantasy course addicts, as one of which I am in the minority, will lap it up. Other golfers just won't see the appeal, and might just see it as a set of slightly odd and disjointed golf holes. If you can immerse yourself in the idea, perhaps with a special MoP and windless conditions, this might prove to be a winner: give it a go!
Challenge  4/10
Your score is down to the individual holes and the manner in which they are pitched. Some are frustratingly hard - especially in terms of the green gradients and some quick-and-dirty bunker sculpture. Others may well prove to be an insufficient challenge. Again, it's an issue of continuity, and perhaps there is too much difference from hole to hole, even though the course as a whole plays closely to par.
Technical  5/10
This represents a step up on Tom's previous course, and the levels of customisation and imagination are to be congratulated. Judgement of difficult is tough on fantasy courses such as this, and he would also be well advised to check pin positioning. The terrain work is still lacking, as are some seam blends, but this is a hallmark of an improving and ingenious designer.
Overall A brilliant idea, carried off with some degree of panache. Not quite perfect, but a refreshing break from the norm 32/50
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 Votes cast
Ace6 %3
Eagle17 %8
Birdie45 %21
Par26 %12
Bogey or worse6 %3

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