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Pine Dunes Golf Club
by Jamey Hribal

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1702
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2006-11-04  145,092,608  bytes 72  6994 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  WOODLAND  Pine Dunes Golf Club.crz 
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Pine Dunes is a fictional woodland golf course set in…….well, I'll leave that up to your imagination. It started out being the usual type of course I play here in East Texas, but, the general style transformed during the designing process. Pine Dunes is my fourth course to be released.

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Fictional, dunes course
Concept  9/10
A truly magnificent course, Pine Dunes plays in an almost desert-like environment, thanks to the large planted sandy regions (it would be erroneous to call them bunkers as they lay at ground level) and a dry, yellowing feel to the textures and spindly trees. Hole design is excellent, although it does tend towards the 'bendy' a little too much, and there is an unnecessary reliance on water for hazarding. But this is an impressive and believable environment and represents a massive step up in terms of the designer's ability and strengths.
Appearance  10/10
Amazing. Planting the bunkers covers up the need to use lips and adds a different and unusual appearance. The forests look similarly impressive, and a suitable panorama towers over the whole lot. There is good custom 3D work in the clubhouse, and the water regions are excellently planted and some of the best I've seen. Superb.
Playability  9/10
An excellent variety of hole designs both stimulate and challenge players. The Par 5s are brilliantly judged for the 2-3 shot boundary, and the course as a whole is an excellent illustration of how to provide good golf without stretching to unnecessary length. There's good ambient sound and a certain amount of risk/reward: the course is only let down slightly by a little jerkiness in the rendering times.
Challenge  8/10
The sandy areas gobble up their fair share of balls, but are balanced nicely by the putting surfaces. With the gentle gradients on the greens, a regulation hit will often result in a birdie. Such occasions are relatively rare, because many tee shots will catch the forest or the hazards. I particularly enjoyed the forest escape play: it was challenging without being impossible.
Technical  9/10
A tremendous step up from the designer's previous courses, this features outstanding planting and a genuine sense of how to create a good golf course. Only the occasional texture problem is at fault: the green texture is oddly inappropriate and might look better as a first-cut texture.
Overall A brilliant and instantly likeable course. Moderate, fair and exciting by turns and with a closing nine to match any in the game. 45/50
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 Votes cast
Ace24 %15
Eagle54 %34
Birdie16 %10
Par6 %4
Bogey or worse0 %0

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