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Lighthouse Sound
by Arthur Hills

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 164
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2000-12-24  10,034,676  bytes 72  6840 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
Course ID Course Key
1cfd5ac7f9a9402999d72451ac026433  99fb126ba2a165caedec1fe0867b6f60 


Reviewed by Ian Downs January 2001

Set aside an ocean, this course brings to mind Harbour Town from the Links series of courses, but that's where it ends. The course fails to deliver in many aspects after that comparison.

Many holes on this course are fairly normal, straight between the trees, or a simply dogleg. The fairways are usual, and narrow on the usual distances too. There are a few holes that will cause some careful planning, and the 18th simply defies belief that this is a real course. The tee area has trees in front, and only by playing through the branches could you hope to safely cross the water immediately after. It can be done though, and an eagle was scored by myself on that hole. Enough patting on the back.lets really tell you what to expect.

The course is full of flaws. Flaws meaning simply, it is not up to any standard expected by what is currently on display with other courses, such as Gallup, Firefighter or Winterbourne. The designer has yet to fully learn how to create bunkers, of reasonable shape and elevation. On too many occasions were there ripples in a bunker through not enough verts. Increasing the verts and turning some edges may help create a smooth depth and shape, but the ones on the course were everything they shouldn't be. On the 1st, the right side green bunker is too heavily elevated. Same on the 6th greenside bunker, the 7th etc etc. The other areas lacking control were the fringes. Virtually every hole had an area of fringe rolled over, or simply elevated so badly they looked like they wanted to hide under the green. The 14th front of green is a good example of something needing more work. Also, around the water on the 7th hole, the rock retaining face was raised too high causing the rough on the other side to be heavily pulled upwards, again with little control. Better mesh work would help gain more verts and control of the slope. Some fairways could also benefit from more work too, as the dips and edges simply fell away or bounced a landing shot very strangely.

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