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Lakeside Golf Club
by Frankie Vee

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 157
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2001-02-20  19,342,559  bytes 72  8192 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
Course ID Course Key
601cd15b6d25486c956cad7e65410ec1  191708b5ba56e4034e33a4fa9bc8bc70 


Reviewed by Lacy Gearheart

First Impression: This is the first design by Frankie Vee. It was posted as a fictional course , but I see in no way possible for it to be anything other than a fantasy course. It seems to be set somewhere on the SE coast of the United States. Planted with many salt water trees and shrubs that are twisted due to the salty air. The course is a very long 8190 yards in length from the back tees and actually seems more like 9000 yards. it plays very long and is very high in difficulty. Almost every hole is based in the water. If its a par 3...its an island green. If its a par 4 it has an island landing area off the tee and the green is usually very close to the water. If its a par 5 then there are usually two islands between the tee boxes and the green. All par 5's, with the exception of hole #18, are well over 640 yards. Most of the par 4's are well into the 520 yard range. If you were too look up the word "Island Hopping" would say..."Also see Lakeside Golf Club" There is more water here than the course Waterworld... and the bunkers are all over the place.

Technically the course looked flawless from the players point of view. Great bunkers, smooth water texture, good water hazards with nice lips, and the planting was exceptional. But I just could not get past the setup. I must admit it was the most difficult course I have ever played. The long narrow fairways made it difficult to set up your next shot. But mostly there were too many darn islands. It had to be at least 30 on the entire course. The landing areas were very tiny and almost unreachable for the PS type player. Most clickers will be frustrated while playing this course. The textures were very good. he chose the stock brownish heavy rough for the main rough and the bunkers used the orange texture. The time used to create this course was very long. It is visually very beautiful, but In my opinion was no fun at all to play. I got tired of the islands and it did not look real at all. All of the par 3's were 250 yard island greens which are almost impossible for the beginning player or the average PS player. Either of those two parties will probably not enjoy their rounds here. The course looked great but just was not playable in my opinion for the vast majority of linksters.

Custom amenities: None that I saw, but the texture choice was very nice and made up for that. The panorama was a nice choice for this course. But on hole stuck out badly. Should of added a few trees to hide it a bit.

Greens: They were very sloped with large undulations on them. Probably the most difficult putting course I have ever played. Very nicely shaped and no flaws noted while test playing.

Fairways: Of the few fairways...most were very narrow but the hills on them were very well done. No extrusion on this design and no second cut of rough was seen. The huge majority were islands that were used to go from tee box to green...and very tiny might I add.

Tee Boxes: Seemed to be stock shapes but were flat and not anywhere near the water. Except for Hole #14 where an island tee box was used. How did you get from island to island? I never saw any bridges.

Bunkers and Water Hazards: The bunkers and water hazards were first rate, but the lips could use a little more attention. With all the water and sand on this course, Frankie should be a pro by now on this area of the APCD.

Planting: Only one word to describe this area and that is exceptional. The planting was professionally done and they matched the textures perfectly.

Best Hole: I personally didn't really like many of the holes. They looked great but just didn't seem like golf. But I chose the 17th hole for the sole purpose because there was not that much water present. It was a long 250 yard downhill par 3 that was stocked with bunkers. Just on the back side of the green was the lake. The best hole in my opinion and not an island in site.

Overall: A very good technically done Lakeside course with nice hazard work. Plenty of water and sand make it a tough course to play. It may appeal to some clickers, but I am very sure the average PS 'er will shun this design. Well done Frankie...I look forward to your next design. Very good for a first attempt. If you want a huge challenge and don't care for reality...this is a must download.

Course Info :
Cameo Screen? Yes
Splash Screen? Yes
Text file?
Hole Previews?
Reviewed March 2001

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