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Northern Pines GCC
by Dave Hudson

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1527
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2004-12-25  22,306,816  bytes 72  6882 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  WOODLAND  Northern Pines Golf and Country.crz 
Course ID Course Key


Northern Pines is set in the heavily wooded pines of Canada and was
designed to challenge even the most skilled player. The terrain is steep and makes for some scenic views. Water is abundant throughout and deep grass surrounds all hazards. Fairways are somewhat forgiving but it takes an accurate iron to get to the pin. Greens are small but slight of pitch and roll. The course doesn't play particulary long due to the elevated tees and par fives are all reachable in two with a good drive.


Designer: This is Dave Hudson's first course design.

Course: With some large elevation changes found throughout the course, players should be aware that this course will be quite difficult to shoot a low score on, with the major deciding factor between low and high scores being the calculation of distances off the tee. Bunkers are placed, rather than positioned around the course, while the main hazard to contend with on many of the holes, will actually be trees, which come into play continually. With big drive opportunities from many of the tees, its important to not be fooled into thinking this course will play easier because of that, as it certainly is a challenging design.

Favourite Hole: The Par 5 on Hole 11 was my favourite hole on the course, as with a large elevation change off the tee, working out the distance off the tee was crucial, while it was also was an interesting design to play.

Playability: With many of the Par 3's being designed around water, you'll find it very hard to hit the ball on in regulation, as the greens are very small on many of the holes, to the point that if you play in windy conditions, you'll have just as much chance of hitting the ball on the green with your eyes closed than open. The greens vary in curve and slope, so birdies can be achieved on some holes, but with some bad pin placements, bogies are more likely. The Par 4's are the best chance to score well, with most of the hole designs being quite fair, but with the Par 5's being very hard to reach, eagle opportunities will be near impossible to attain. With some of the hole designs forcing you to play unfair shots, and many of the greens containing bunkers in them, playing on this course will fully test your patience.

Technically: Even though this was a 2003 course, it was hard to find any distinguishing APCD features that proved so. There was no seam blending, stock textures were used and the bunkers weren't even lipped. Trees were repetitive in there planting, the water was not edged with the land properly, and overall, the joining of textures was not clean at all. With the junior and ladies tees being active on the scorecard, to rocks and trees interfering with the playability of the course, the APCD work could have been improved in many areas.

Other: The course contains a cameo, custom flag, hole previews and a splash screen, but doesn't contain any handicaps, while the hole previews are just screenshots from the top view within the game. If the designer intends to release more courses in the future, I'd recommend checking out some of the many available APCD tutorials, as for people to be able to enjoy the course to its full potential, it's important that some advanced techniques be included. Many first time designers release a fictional woodland course, but then don't design again, so where possible, it would be great to see another course from this designer again in the future.

Download Value: At just over 16mb, any person is able to download this course in a short amount of time, but considering there is nothing included within the course or zip file to make it stand out, I can only recommend this course to people who enjoy checking out courses by first time designers. The course just seemed to be no different that any other fictional woodland course, and so it won't be staying on my hard drive.


Course Statistics:

2003 - Fictional Woodland - Par 72 - 3 Tees
6882yds (Back) - 5153yds (Forward)
Par 3's: 5 - Par 4's: 8 - Par 5's: 5


 Votes cast
Ace0 %0
Eagle12 %3
Birdie16 %4
Par56 %14
Bogey or worse16 %4

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