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Samoset Resort
by Bill Misener

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1456
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2004-05-11  31,547,392  bytes 70  6539 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  OCEAN  sam rev.crz 
Course ID Course Key
d9a46a0fd131428d89351762314f2001  16925798dbebb8428712e8b11b0c71be 



Designer: Even though Bill Misener isn't as well known as many other designers in the community, he still is one of the most accomplished, having released 20 courses, more than any other designer. With Fictional, Imaginary and Real designs covering styles of Mountain, Ocean, Parkland, Tropical and Woodland, his courses range in size from 12mb to 62mb. All of his releases have been 2001 courses, except Wood Hills GC, which was his only 2003 release, so it's interesting to see that instead of designing another 2003 course, he's gone back to a 2001 design with this release.

Course: Not knowing the history behind the designer's knowledge of the course, I am unsure too where his information was obtained, but it seemed that the elevations used around the course, both on the fairways and greens were just subtle vertical changes up and down, and perhaps not as reflective of each bump and undulation that exists in real life. Considering this is a real course, it was interesting to see what variety there would be in hole designs, however, with only two Par 5's, and many of the Par 4's in the closing stretch of holes being very similar in length, the course may not appeal to all types of players.

Course History: Designed by Robert Elder, Samoset Resort is over 100 years old and was named by Golf Digest as the "Top Ranked Resort Course in New England". Located in Maine, it was ranked also by Golf Digest as the "7th Most Beautiful in America", combing ocean views with thick woodland styled holes. More information can be found at,

Favourite Hole: My favourite hole on the course would be the Par 4 Hole 10, as with a tight downhill fairway, an accurate drive is needed to safely set up before the tricky second shot over water into the green.

Playability: With water winding in and out around the course and numerous bunkers scattered on each hole, depending on the conditions set, the course can be quite challenging, however, in easy conditions, with the greens being relatively easy, the course is primed for low scores. The greens are quite large, so even on the tricky Par 3's, there shouldn't have any trouble with hitting on in regulation, while the Par 4 Hole 5 is drivable, but only if there is enough wind behind the player off the tee.

Technically: Having designed so many courses, one would assume the designer would have learnt the APCD off by heart and could use it to it's full potential, but unfortunately, this course is not as good as it could have been technically. Because it is a 2001 release, there are many limitations to what the designer can do, so you will not find any advanced techniques included within the course such as high resolution textures or seam blending. The planting in many areas was quite repetitive, and then on some holes, was much too minimal, which made the panorama stand out more than it needed to. The course was clean in many areas, but the cut and smoothness of textures around the course could have been improved. The ocean texture was not the best feature visually, while although the bunkers were clean looking, the lipping technique could have been improved. With such a large course design portfolio, it's hard to recommend to the designer that the course be beta tested, but if he's considered making another 2003 course, I would urge him to spend some quality time on it, as the skills are there, but just need to be refined.

Other: The course does have a cameo and splash screen, but doesn't have handicaps or hole previews, while the zip file contains nothing but the course file. Considering that the designers last course was received quite well, it's hard to understand why the designer chose to go back and release this course as a 2001 design, but even so, I see no reason why any extras couldn't have been included within the zip file, as after designing a course for hours on end, it's not that hard to include even as little as a read-me.

Download Value: Being right on 30mb, this course is an easy download for most people, but unfortunately, as it doesn't include any added extras within the course or the zip file, it's not as appealing as it could have been. If you are a fan or any of the designers other releases or enjoy real courses, then this may interest you, but it won't be staying on my hard drive.


Course Statistics:

2001 - Real Ocean - Par 70 - 4 Tees
6539yds (Back) - 5621yds (Forward)
Par 3's: 4 - Par 4's: 12 - Par 5's: 2


 Votes cast
Ace6 %2
Eagle12 %4
Birdie22 %7
Par56 %18
Bogey or worse3 %1

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