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Lunetten Parc v1.1
by Ivan Schaap

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1264
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2003-04-14  43,344,396  bytes 71  6233 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
IMAGINARY  PARKLAND  Lunetten_parc_v1_1.crz 
Course ID Course Key
f3ba7fb5e936411a9a2ffee1a3ccad1d  c4b4cb2688b1ae3c2b49f1dcdff7f440 



Reviewed by Jon Weinrieb May 2003

BASICS: Lunetten Parc is, as the name connotes, a parkland-style course set somewhere in Europe, although it easily could be an American course. Included: a cameo, splash screen, read me file, and custom flag. No sounds, no hole previews. The course is only 6,233 from the tips and is billed as a par 67, although the in-game scorecard reads par 71. It appears that there are 3 sets of tees, but it is hard to tell. From the tips, the player begins the first hole on the red tees but, thereafter, is placed at the yellow tees. Needless to say, the course has many technical issues that detract from the player’s enjoyment.

INTRODUCTION: This is Ivan Schaap’s first go with the APCD and, although it shows, there is a good deal of imagination and creativity exhibited throughout the course and reveals potential on Ivan’s part. Indeed, the early comments on Ivan’s second release (Beatrix Park), indicate that Ivan is sharpening his skills. He admits in his read me file that “[t">his is my first attempt in building a [">course for Microsoft Links 2003 with the APCD 1.5 . . . I just build it for me and my buddy Nico aka Wolfhound_nl to play online. After testing it we thought it was nice enough to upload and even be nice for our fellow golfers to play on the zone. Be gentle with [your"> comments . . . keep in mind I’m a newbie at this and will try to improve my skills along the way. . . .” As you can see, Ivan was honest about his intentions with the course.

APPEARANCE: As described in the accompanying read me file, Lunetten Parc is a “fantasy course situated in a parkland environment.” Well, the parkland part is true but I would not describe Lunetten as a true fantasy course as the Links community has come to know the term. It is actually more of a creative fictional design. Whereas Rivendell or Piazza Metallica are true imaginary or fantasy courses that would never exist in real life, Lunetten could exist. It would just be different. It is a short, executive-style layout that, in parts, is fun to go out, knock it around and try to make a string of birdies. The textures are pretty nicely done. They are bright shades of green that work well and give off the sense that it has just rained and the photosynthesis of the turf is in high gear. The main problem with the appearance of Lunetten Parc is the odd assortment of repetitive, unrealistically sized, cloned trees and other objects. On at least one tee box, for example, I was greeted by an 8-foot-tall trash can. In other places, extrusions are too high, edges are sharp, and almost all of the bunkers have numerous technical errors.

PLAYABILITY: Lunetten has several holes that are fair, fun and enjoyable. For the most part, the par 3s are pretty solid. They are relatively long, have a nice variety of yardages and force the player to jump around the bag a bit. Unfortunately, they are overshadowed by some of the par 4s, which are poorly designed. Too many tee shots are obstructed by overplanted, large trees or ruined by having to carry 280 yards of woodlands to cut the dogleg. Many of the layups at the doglegs are mere middle irons from the tee; clubs that should never be hit off of the tee on a par 4.

BEST HOLE: If I had to pick the best hole, I would probably say the par-4 5th (see screenshot #4). It is one of the fairer holes, has a nice lake to the left on both the tee shot and approach shot, and has some reasonable risk-reward elements to it, rather than having to hit through a huge stand of trees if you want to be rewarded, as the player encounters on some other holes.

BOTTOM LINE: Skip this one. I have feeling Ivan will improve his skills and treat us to some better courses in the near future.

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