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Pelican Hill Golf Club (2003)
by Microsoft

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1147
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2002-08-21  21,982,919  bytes 70  6634 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
Course ID Course Key
fdcec5fd56464393a3286ae9e9a8d838  50784d22ecda066492b5ec3d0221de21 

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Real, ocean course
It's difficult to recommend anything faster than S*/S*. Works well under windy conditions, though.
Concept  9/10
Very reminiscent of the classic Hawaiian courses in the rollicking elevations and steep learning curve, Pelican Hill is an exciting clifftop gem from the same part of the world as Spyglass Hill, Pebble Beach et al. A layout that uses the landscape to excellent effect, it has backto- back Par 3s on the back nine and certainly no intention of being stretched to outrageous lengths. As exhilarating as any other West Coast course you care to name, it has received a workmanlike makeover for Links that ranks among Microsoft's better efforts.
Appearance  6/10
Textures are the main weakness here, with some poor contrasts and lots of stretching where no mapping has taken place on the elevations. Knocked by many, I quite like the planting, although perhaps the best that can be said for it is that it has retained a quaint charm and isn't too pixelated, even close-up. The bunker-work is disappointing and almost looks like an afterthought.
Playability  8/10
Plenty of the thrills in the vein of Kapalua or Princeville here. With virtually no hole tending to the flat, it's all about seeking out the best lies on the fairway. The relatively innocuous greenside bunkers won't be seen as much of an issue, though, and the dreaded steel-tree syndrome rears its head too often. Despite the flaws, it's a course worth re-visiting for the tactical nous required.
Challenge  4/10
With greens verging on the ridiculous, there's no doubt where the main challenge was originally intended to lie. Under the Mod, of course, it becomes a different set of parameters, and the course is virtually unplayable on faster settings. When you take the greens out of factor, Pelican Hill is a bit of a pussycat, with plenty of room for a mis-placed drive, and little to warrant penalty strokes.
Technical  6/10
Pelican Hill has the advantage over many of its contemporaries with sharper visuals and imaging, and the course remains coherent all the way around, thanks to the offbeat environment. While it's not always completely pleasing on the eye, and badly needs a texture makeover, it's still one of Microsoft's better pieces of work.
Overall A fine course from the MS stable, and one which you should enjoy on more than one occasion. 33/50
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