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Cambrian Ridge
by Microsoft

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1130
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2002-08-01  86,662,544  bytes 72  7405 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  WOODLAND  cambrian.crz 
Course ID Course Key
5fe76fdc09ab4f77a456c7470ef010a2  3e7f35e03ef9aa37ea2fc3e96e2d35f4 

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Real, parkland course
You might go M*/S* if you picked your pins carefully. I'd still prefer something slower.
Concept  7/10
Nominally woodland, but it's really too open for that, Cambrian Ridge is probably best known now for the bizarre use of the very pale rough chosen for this pioneer of new-look Links 2003. Which is a bit unfair - this RTJ course has some outstanding holes, including the 4th, 9th and 14th, and still plays pretty well. The visuals, other than the much-maligned rough, aren't too bad either.
Appearance  6/10
Let's focus on the positives: the planting is generally very good by Microsoft standards, particularly as used to cover up the edges of the water features. The blends are functional if hardly eye-catching. The resolution of the course is clearly good and an improvement on anything that came before. But, yes, there is at least one very poor choice of texture, and the bunker sculpture is distinctly rudimentary.
Playability  8/10
You would be well-advised to ignore any visual turn-offs and focus on the excellent golfing tests that have been laid out in front of you. The accommodating fairways are only half the story as there are a range of approach shots required, continued into the lengthy Par 5s and the diverse set of short holes on the course. A high-quality and entertaining round of golf.
Challenge  7/10
The fairways and greens are reasonably open, and the bunkers are shallow. It's a shame that the main test has to come from the dated green slopes and pin positioning, but unlike some other courses the challenge isn't exclusively on the green. Patches of deep rough and water take their turn, and the course is far from a short one. You should expect a few birdies, but you won't be able to run riot.
Technical  6/10
Outstanding at the time, some parts still hold up fairly well, and it was certainly a good choice of course for adaptation. Shame about the rough texture, of course.
Overall Still worth a round or two. Don't hold the Microsoft pedigree against it. 34/50
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