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Kauri Cliffs
by Microsoft

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1129
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2002-07-30  71,205,720  bytes 72  7121 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  OCEAN  kauri.crz 
Course ID Course Key
5e70f21e04d245b5bcf3019843c0038f  54652c0103234e5a1c21b7c45ed493cc 

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Real, canyon course.
Concept  8/10
Using an excellent variety of elevations and textures, Kauri Cliffs is an unusual and impressive attempt from Microsoft to produce something Southern Hemispherical and just a little bit different. It succeeds admirably, thanks to an impressive range of hole designs, plenty of spectacular views and a strong sense of location.
Appearance  9/10
The texture choices are out of the norm for Microsoft and are extremely apposite. Views are spectacular and backed up by a strong panorama. Planting is clever and most effective. All in all, a really good-looking course, and something of a bolt from the blue in that respect.
Playability  8/10
Because of constant elevation changes, your attention and skills are constantly being re-focussed and the result is an immensely rewarding round of golf. Proof that commercial courses can be fun without being 'wacky' resides here.
Challenge  8/10
Only a little easy on the whole, thanks to some hittable fairways and gentle greens. Wayward tee shots will be punished, however, by the deep rough, with an almost inevitable loss of strokes. Hazards are very well placed and, despite the lack of water, there is a threat from the mountainous elevations and the tricky long grass.
Technical  8/10
One of Microsoft's most coherent efforts, even if the fine detail of the technical work isn't up to APCD standards. Generally, the course has been put together with much higher standards than other commercial courses, and it shows in the resultant playability.
Overall An excellent and ambitious attempt, out of keeping with traditional 'safe' commercial courses. Certainly not to be sniffed at by the APCD snobs. 41/50
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