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Ledgeview Golf & CC
by Bill Misener

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1096
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2002-09-20  41,118,722  bytes 70  6122 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  MOUNTAIN  Ledgeview Golf & CC.crz 
Course ID Course Key
2fa7424124254ceeac4eca3221f4afda  9d794b1a477513202cab1f07991ea2e3 



Reviewed by Joe Turner `Loner'

October 2002

This by my count is course # 20 by Bill; only second to Microsoft in number of course designs. Quite an achievement, obviously an enjoyable hobby for him. This mountainous course is attractive in spite of the use of Whistlers Mountain as the backdrop. His use of smooth textures in the tee boxes, plush fairways with a very mildly colored first cut, rich deeply colored rough and greens with a nicely matching fringe start this forested mountain course off very well. Unhappily his overuse of a tri trunk-ed tree detracted from the natural beauty he was trying to achieve. His work with the APCD has steadily improved over time and the sharp edges of his first courses have all but disappeared here and beautiful bunker work has replaced his first attempts at designing. He did an admirable job with this course; even the bird sounds were distinctive. No this isn't the perfect course yet but he's working towards that.

The fairways were medium narrow and were almost all utterly devoid of bunkers. The size and shapes were the main hazards along with the constant elevation changes. It seemed like the short holes took a drop and nice roll, just when you would expect to use a pw for your second or approach shot the elevation would have a dramatic rise forcing you to choose a long iron to get to the green. The caddie seemed to keep up with the constant changes but it should be watched carefully, you don't want to come up short or just the opposite, sail over the green because of a major under-read of the elevation meter. This is a 'real' course and must be an interesting one to play in real life, if you enjoy climbing. An interesting change at hole # 16, the landing area for the drive was very narrow and with the trees on the right and two large bunkers on the left it sort of took me off pace, interesting and fun. The greens on the other hand were on the small side and usually well guarded, they had nice breaks, some slopes and even a few with tiers. Quite an assortment but they were less than medium in difficulty.

The holes were varied in difficulty, most seemed to be fairly standard in shape while others had the look, and feel of 'is that tree in the way'? I didn't find one that was, if you feel better moving the ball on the tee do it, I tried both ways and it is more comfortable when the aiming stick is in view and the tree isn't. This was an attractive course but it seemed small, confining and not challenging unless you tried to over-swing and found the fairway trees or the greens bunkers. It's not a huge download but I feel neutral about the course, it didn't 'excite' me, it wasn't 'extraordinary'. Download it if you please but I doubt that it will reside on your hard drive for any length of time. It was very playable.

Reviewer Note

I am a player not a designer and therefore rate a course as a player for other players.

Summary :

Included: readme, cameo, splash, custom flag, ball washers and buildings.

Not Included: recorded round, custom tees, hole previews signs or numbers.

Statistical Information: Par 70, 6122y. 3 sets of tees, 5-3 pars, 10-4 pars, 3-5 pars.

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