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   Welcome !

This site is dedicated to the game of Links (ver 2001/2003) and offers many additions to help you enjoy your round of Golf, a little bit more. Please, read on and take a wander around our totally free site.

Q. Where can I get a copy of Links 2003?
A. Links 2003 (1.07) can now be bought online for $6.99 - click here to buy now

Further Official Links 2003 courses can also be purchased online from $3.99 each - click here to see a list of these courses

Q. Where can I get the various patches for Links 2003?
A. The following official patches are available.

The v1.02 patch can be found here:
The v1.05 patch can be found here:
The v1.07 patch can be found here:
TThe nVidia patch can be found here:

   What do we offer ?
Many Designers have been using the FREE APCD program to design their own golf courses. So, what next? They have uploaded them here for anyone to download and play amongst yourselves or clubs and tours. Check out the Latest Courses to see if you recognize any courses.

   What else do we offer ?
If you fancy learning and creating your own golf course, then check out the Forums, especially Designers Corner where you will find tutorials, instructions and a lot more besides, to aid in that course creation. Once designed, where better to share it with others, here at Links Corner!

   FREE Site ? 
Yes, we are a totally free site and you can use all areas of the site without cost. We have listed other pay areas within the downloads, to help speed up your download but they are not required. We are a free site, but we would appreciate a small donation to support the running of the site.

   Are there others with same interests ?
You better believe it! We have the Forums available here to discuss many matters and issues related to the game and course designer. There are also many other additions to designing your own courses such as objects, textures and more, also available within the Forums. Register now and view the Links scene as you may never have known.

   Help ?
For help with any aspects of installing and playing Links 2001/2003, obtaining courses and other add ons, designing your own course please register and use the forums. If you have any issues with broken links, lost forum passwords or other related issues please use the 'Contact Us' link in the main menu. Please remember that the site is run by unpaid volunteers so you may not receive an immediate answer.

   Who We Are ?
Just a group of individuals who set up and maintain this site for the enjoyment of all. Our lives are as important as yours, and we all have families and jobs to attend, so please, any email contact with us should be made only if absolutely necessary. We will certainly help where we can, but you may find the answer you seek upon the Forums.

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