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If you have a course ready to be submitted, then we can help you maximise who can download it. We are currently the largest site for Links APCD courses, and we aim to keep this a FREE home for all downloads.

Some Final Reminders before Uploading
Have you completed the course is an easy enough question, but the Designer can easily miss those hard edges in places unseen. Planting can be oversized or poorly done, this can cause lockups on various machines. There are numerous places designs can fall down, but with a little help these can be avoided.

Beta Testing may help your design stand up and face any faults, and give you feedback to accurately correct anything required. Feel free to upload beta courses too, and we will make them available under that listing. Simply ask some friends, or post in the Beta Forum for help and I'm sure you will get the results you seek.

Don't forget about things such as :
Cameo screens
Hole Previews
Pin positions
Splash screen
Adding text file
Recognisable filename


Step 1 Firstly, your Course must be playable within the latest version of Links (currently Links2003).

Step 2
Your Connection & Course Size should be known by yourself and this is to help you decide what is the best way for you to upload your course.
Dial Up Modems take approx 1hour per 10mb upload.
Cable/ADSL can upload approx 60mb in 1hour.
We therefore recommend, if using Dial Up Modems, to split your Course into several suitable file sizes to help you upload.
Help on FileSplitting can be found here.

Step 3
You are now ready to Upload your Course!
Please note ALL files to be uploaded must be zip files for security reasons.

Links Corner Agreement :
a)By Uploading your course to Links Corner, you are therefore giving us permission to host and make freely available your file for distribution. We will not make charges for this availability nor will we host or make available courses that involve cost due to any accompanied EULA agreement.
b)We also would like to remind you, that you should have written permission for any course designed based on a real course anywhere in the world. Without permission you are liable for any issues should we be approached by the Course Designers themselves.
c)Whilst hosting the course, we require no restrictions upon how the site reviews, makes available (splits etc) or names the file etc.

If you agree to these conditions please upload your course.

Step 4

We can no longer support direct uploads to our server so you will need to use WeTransfer. Just choose the file(s) you wish to upload, enter as the friends email address, enter your own email address and in the message box put the course name. Now click 'Transfer'. When the upload is complete you MUST complete the form below so that we can add the course info to our database. Course Data Form

Course Name -

APCD Designer -

Email address of APCD Designer -
Uploads without a valid email address will be ignored.

Release Type -

Course Type -

Course Style -

Links Version - Course Par -

Tick if a Par 3 course -

Tick if Hi-res textures (1024x1024) were used in your course -

Length (in yards) from back tees -

File link     
Course Notes
A brief (1000 characters max) description of the course or any notes for beta testers etc. NO HTML ALLOWED


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