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PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 3:17 am    Post subject: A Simple Way of Deleting Course .sha (Shadow) Files Reply with quote

This is for all of you guys that like to keep your .SHA files deleted so they don't take up so much drive space. I'll show you a way to delete them all with a simple double-click on your desktop.

Windows XP and Windows 7 will still accept the old DOS commands, so all you need to do is create a .BAT file with the command to delete the .SHA files.
(NOTE: a ".BAT" file is an old DOS batch file that will execute the commands typed within it.)

So it's real simple. Follow these directions for XP & Win7. I have no idea if Windows 10 will work the same. I don't use Win10.

1: Browse to and open your Links 2003\COURSES folder

2: Right-click on a blank spot and select "NEW" and then "Text Document"

3: Open the new TXT document and type in this - del *.sha

4: Close it and then right-click on it and select RENAME. Change the filename to - SHA.bat

5: Right-click on the sha.bat file and select "CREATE A SHORTCUT". A shortcut will be created in your courses folder.

6: Move the shortcut to your desktop.

From now on when you double-click on that shortcut, it with delete all of the .sha files within the courses folder. They will disappear from the hard drive without going to the trash or recycle Bin. No need to go into your course folder anymore and manually select and delete them.

Hope you find this of some use. Anything to make life easier. Smile


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