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TPC Sawgrass  BETA
by Sage Vanni

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 2461
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2019-03-26  105,548,672  bytes 72  7071 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  PARKLAND  TPC-Sawgrass-Beta-2.0.crz 
Course ID Course Key

New version released 26 March 2019

Hi all, I have attempted to bring my rendition of Sawgrass up to date. I hope I have done a good job.
Again I think I found everything. I had several people look at the course and got feedback and incorporated that feedback.

Below is a list of what I found needed updating.

Hole 1: Water feature around tee area modified. Bunker around green modified.

Hole 2: Fairway bunker modified.

Hole 3: No longer on an island.

Hole 4: Fairway bunker modified. Water feature modified. Fairway across from green narrower.

Hole 5: Large bunker in front of green modified.

Hole 6: Fairway bunker modified. Island gone, now lake.

Hole 7: Both fairway bunkers modified. Island gone, now lake.

Hole 8: Pond gone. Fairway extended and bunker added in front of green in fairway. Left side bunker modified.

Hole 9: Green side bunker modified.

Hole 10: Fairway green side bunker modified.

Hole 11: Forward bunker modified. Green fairway bunker modified.

Hole 12: All new configuration.

Hole 13: Green modified. Tee area modified.

Hole 14: Fairway bunker modified.

Hole 15: Green side fairway bunker modified.

Hole 17: Green modified.

Please send me feedback by email on issues that arise or things that need looking over.


Hi everyone,

This is my rendition of TPC Sawgrass. This is a pre renovation design. It has been play tested so should be good enough for play along with the Championship coming up. Except for hole 12 which has a major change....( sorry about that ).

I hope you all enjoy and have feedback for me to include in the final when that point is reached.


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