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Links Country Club
Golf Cabal

Golf Club Gut Lärchenhof
by Guenter Kujat and Glenn Braden

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2016-04-16  114,044,928  bytes 72  7228 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
REAL  PARKLAND  Larchen_2016_locked.crz 
Course ID Course Key
e7868e8b126b43f9be29fe197d8754fe  4633c06fb08556d3bf2d3573cf2c94a3 

This is the Update of the original release that has fixed some errors.

The crz file name is the same for both courses so make sure the
Course ID:e7868e8b126b43f9be29fe197d8754fe
and the Course Key:4633c06fb08556d3bf2d3573cf2c94a3
of your course matches these or you do not have the new crz file
and need to download this file.

This is an 2016 update of Guenter's 2003 release

I would like to thank Guenter Kujat for letting me update this great design of his.
I have updated the textures and also taken some slope out of the greens to make them playable with the 1.07 mod.

I hope all enjoy.


 Votes cast
Ace31 %4
Eagle69 %9
Birdie0 %0
Par0 %0
Bogey or worse0 %0

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Click to see the user poll in our forum and register your own vote and opinion.

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