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Anakena Beach
by Lez Marwick

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

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2011-10-01  0  bytes 72  7477 yards
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CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Fictional, tropical course
South Pacific
Acceptable at F*/F*; designerís recommendation is a notch slower.
Concept  9/10
Featuring, as do all of Lezís courses, a terrific and engaging back-story, Anakena Beach is set on a (nearly) deserted Pacific island and put together strategically without resorting to the gimmickry of some of his earlier courses. The sense of location is awesome, with a bare horizon and beautiful blue sea visible from nearly every hole. Itís only the layout that baffles me somewhat Ė I find it hard to believe that a recreational golf designer felt the need to include a 650-yard Par 5, and why has the difficult trinity been placed in the unlikely run between the 3rd and 5th holes?
Appearance  9/10
The rocky and overgrown bunkers are very fine indeed, as are the different colours of flowers that dot the planting towards t he end of the round. The coastline is delightfully done with layers of textures and thereís a great line of customisation in the Polynesian heads that dot the course. It should probably be noted that the bare horizons make finding a suitable sky match a difficult prospect.
Playability  10/10
Anakena Beach is much more consistent than previous tropical courses, and indeed previous courses from Lezís oeuvre, with few unpleasant surprise and excellent strategic options. The long holes and short holes offer most, with the Par 3s on the back nine being excellent lessons in clever, minimalist design. The sound is crucial in completing the atmosphere, and it doesnít disappoint. This is one to come back to time and time again.
Challenge  7/10
With very little of the course playing OB and some tight landing areas, you can expect to be extracting yourself from the deep grass and the beach. Indeed, the grass could even handle being a bit heavier, thinking about the courseís location. Once past the big test near the round\'s opening, though, there are birdie chances to be picked up, not least from the remaining par 5s. Some tighter green bunkering might help toughen this course up the fraction it needs.
Technical  10/10
A flawless effort, with perfectly-judged customisation in the textures and planting. The improvements in judging accessible golf are the perfect finishing touch.
Overall The island course not to be missed. Outdoes its tropical predecessors in nearly every respect. 45/50
Please remember that Clipnote reviews are the opinion of one person and do not constitute an 'Official' Links Corner review of the course.


 Votes cast
Ace31 %11
Eagle39 %14
Birdie22 %8
Par6 %2
Bogey or worse3 %1

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