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Le Touessrok Mauritius
by John Brooks

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Le Touessrok Golf Course is on its own island, the beautiful Ile Aux Cerfs, off the east coast of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, and was designed by Bernhard Langer. The course winds between lava rocks, lakes and pools, beaches and mangrove swamps in an amazing natural setting.

Big hitters beware! There are severe penalties for missing or running out of fairways.

Still outstanding from this beta version:-

- panoramas
- pins - numbers per hole and placement finalisation.

John Brooks

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Real, tropical course
Mauritius, Indian Ocean
Playable with M*/F*
Concept  8/10
Set on pretty much the entirety of a small island off the coast of Mauritius, Le Touessrok excels at using the landscape, with drop-offs, beach holes, oceanic and man-made water, and some trademark long carries over the mangroves near the end. Itís undeniably interesting and very new territory for this designer, but it also is noticeable that it hasnít quite been put across as 100% believable: the visuals are just a little bit too down-to-Earth for something this exotic.
Appearance  6/10
The planting at points is really lovely: multi-layered, varied and distinctly different to Ďstandardí golf course planting. It is much more evocative of the courseís location than the textures, which just feel too green and tightly mown. Thereís also some pretty hasty work around the water features and the ocean, all of which could be amount to spectacular course features rather than something which looks rushed.
Playability  7/10
Very resort-style golf for the large part, there are a lot of tempters on this course as well as the usual seaside trappings of clifftop and beach holes. The variety extends well into the back nine, aided by some useful hole previews, and the closing stretch, particularly the final hole are reached with a sigh of satisfaction. Itís a shame about the lack of atmosphere, for that was something that just might have set this course apart.
Challenge  8/10
Le Touessrok certainly isnít set up for the amateur! Itís worryingly easy to get lost among the deep trees and the greens, often upturned in shape, are definitely not easy to hit. Thankfully, the whole thing is tempered by some good pin positioning and judgement when it comes to greening Ė particularly a relief when you remember this hasnít always been the designerís forte.
Technical  5/10
Iím a little disappointed that the boat hasnít really been pushed out here. A good set of tropical textures could really bring the course to life, and the lack of work around the coastline is worrying when you remember this is an island! The continued lack of variance in pin positioning is likewise an irritant.
Overall Inasmuch as we donít have a great selection of courses from this part of the world, this is pretty much an essential. But itís not got enough atmosphere or soul. 34/50
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