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Waterstone Golf Club
by Jason Thorpe

Note: This course contains 1024x1024 textures and can only be played in version 1.07 or later of Links 2003

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1926
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2009-12-22  158,638,080  bytes 73  7250 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  WOODLAND  Waterstone G.C_locked.crz 
Course ID Course Key


Par 73 of 7250+ yards off the back tee's. The course can play very tough and is most suited to Australian conditions which in Links should be Fc/Fc. The greens are not to slopey but can be tricky on occasions.

Good luck and enjoy your round.

CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Fictional, lakeside course
Concept  8/10
Building and improving on the forest course ideas that were present in Awaba Forest, Waterstone is cleaner-cut, more clearly laid out, and generally a very attractive proposition. There is a preponderance of water to compensate for trimming back the trees, and in itself this is the weak link in the course: while trademark holes such as the 15th certainly are superb, there is perhaps just a little too much reliance on the hazards. That minor quibble aside, though, this is a superb matchplay course.
Appearance  9/10
A definite step up on the beta releases, with beautiful high-res textures almost universal (the scrubby, dry rough being particularly excellent), and some excellent underplanting also to the designerís credit. A commendable amount of 3D work does more than enough to lift this course above the average, although the hilly panorama still doesnít quite fit in with the more lowland course.
Playability  10/10
You canít go far wrong here. Everything has been doubly-well tested and is the perfect balance between risk and reward. Fairways hit the perfect middle-ground (irony not intended), and the green complexes are well-bunkered enough to create a variety of accessibility in the pin positions. I canít fault this on any level.
Challenge  7/10
The big let-down here is the Par 5s. While the short holes are immaculately scenic, and the Par 4s are beautifully thought-out for the second shot, thereís something missing on the longest holes. Either theyíre too short, or the hazards just arenít appropriate enough. Either way, itís certainly a gap in the overall experience.
Technical  9/10
There are perhaps one or two textures that have been overlooked in the upgrade, but on the large scale thatís a minor consideration indeed. Waterstone shows off the very best in high-resolution textures, planting and is a distinct step up in terms of gameplay.
Overall Almost a terrific fictional course, if it werenít for a slight overuse of water and the artificiality of the longest holes. 43/50
Please remember that Clipnote reviews are the opinion of one person and do not constitute an 'Official' Links Corner review of the course.


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