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Banyan Bay
by Gary Campbell

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1844
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2008-08-12  138,911,744  bytes 72  7380 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  OCEAN  Banyan Bay_locked.crz 
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Banyan Bay is a 7,380 Par 72 fictional ocean side layout but I guess you could actually call it a mixed bag of a layout with some lakeside and mountainside styled holes included. There are seven holes routed along the ocean, seven holes around a lake and four holes that have significantly elevated tees for breathtaking views and the opportunity for some long drives.

Along the ocean there are two par 3's, two par 5's and three par 4's with doglegs right and left. There are really only four holes of the lakeside seven where the lake comes into play. Some elevated tees vary from 40 feet to 135 feet above the fairway allowing for some lengthy drives. The greens are of fairly good size consisting of multiple tiers and swales running throughout, they actually play smaller because your target is to land on the proper tier.


CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Fictional, ocean course
Concept  9/10
A sumptuous ocean-side environment, Banyan Bay marks yet another terrific and convincing course from the scratchpad of Gary Campbell. Rich with customisation and superb surface work, the course features a wealthy array of clifftop holes. Perhaps a little flaw in the design is that these clifftop holes become a little same-y, and to be honest thereís nothing, golf-wise, that hasnít been seen before. But this is still a magnificent, atmospheric creation worthy of an equally great designer.
Appearance  10/10
The gorgeous panorama befits the course, and pretty much everything on the plot is part of one cohesive whole. The texture blending is magnificent, the clifftops comparable only to Mike Jones at his best Ė see the lovely 12th hole if you donít believe me. Beautiful views are commonplace. Nothing short of perfection
Playability  9/10
The slightly repetitive nature of some of the holes doesnít dim the pleasure of booming out huge drives over the cliffs, but it has to be admitted that some holes just donít feature the variety that they might have done. This sort of gung-ho golf is great, but only up to a point.
Challenge  5/10
As long as the ocean is avoided, I do find Banyan Bay rather easy. It seems that some of the golfing challenges have been misjudged a fraction. Fairways are accessible, and pins conveniently placed to leave largely uphill and sinkable putts. Some tighter greenside bunkers may well have helped.
Technical  10/10
While a few have commented on the bluish rock textures, these are really only a very, very minor drawback amid the great use of APCD which we have come to associate with Gary. He continues to go from impressive standard to even more impressive standard. Canít wait for the next one!
Overall Magnificent clifftop golf, with plenty of emphasis on the cliff. Donít let the course become monotonous and youíll have a riot. 43/50
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Ace70 %77
Eagle22 %24
Birdie8 %9
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