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Shaking Tree Golf Club
by Bill Scott

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1730
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2007-02-13  88,571,904  bytes 72  7381 yards
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CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Fictional, farmland course.
Concept  9/10
Shaking Tree came out of the blue. A first-time course, it is a sumptuous walk through Shinnecock-style grasslands. The golf is superb American links: meticulously planned and challenging without being overtly gimmicky. Only the Par 3s have a whiff of over-complicity about them; the rest of the course is immaculately paced and located.
Appearance  9/10
First class textures, brilliant choice and detail in the planting. The bunkers are little works of art, being pristinely double-blended into the landscape. The clubhouse is a lavish work of art. Itís only a shame the same cannot be said about the water features. They are blackedged and harshly transitioned: an area of the landscape that mystifyingly has not had had the attention of the rest.
Playability  10/10
Guaranteed enjoyment. As if Shaking Treeís soft colours and understated visuals arenít enough, then thereís a surprisingly diverse set of golfing trials to try out. I cannot emphasise enough how cleverly this course has been set out: it really is worthy of the best of designers, and yet you wonít see a gimmick or golf design stereotype anywhere. Magic.
Challenge  8/10
Shaking Tree has been carefully considered with the modern Links 1.06 golfer in mind. The greens are moderate (without being boring, mind), and there are some generous landing areas. Is it a pushover? No, of course not Ė I think Iíve made that point. Thereís some great thought to the hazarding and plenty of natural obstacles. But itís on the easier side of Level Par.
Technical  9/10
For a first-time course, this shows great assuredness with the vagaries of the APCD. The designer has clearly spent time on planning, and has played his first release conservatively, yet with a unique style that should be a lasting testament, sequels or nay.
Overall One of the best first courses we have ever seen. A delightful walk in the woods. 45/50
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