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Craters Edge
by Gary Campbell

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1724
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2007-01-28  75,927,552  bytes 72  7507 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  MOUNTAIN  Craters Edge_locked.crz 
Course ID Course Key

Craters Edge is a 7,507 yard Par 72 fictional moutain style course that is laid out around and between ravines, quarries and gullies....craters if you will. The course does not play to the yardage due to many elevated tees and downhill speed slots in some of the fairways. There is not much water but you can find trouble in the many bushy rock filled hazards and the OB's on the right side of the holes around the perimeter. There is an ample amount of dogleg holes, one straight hole, one reachable par 4, two long par 5's, two par 5's reachable with an iron with a good drive. On many of the doglegs you have the option to cut off as much of the fairway as you want. On three of the par 3's you will need medium to long irons and the fourth is a short iron. The greens are old style sloping back to front and of fairly good size and have multi tiers on various sections.


CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Fictional, canyon course.
Concept  10/10
Very reminiscent of Kapalua Plantation in its sweeping elevations and unplayable OB rough areas, Craters Edge is a beautiful and engaging golfers’ paradise. Other designers might use ravines and gullies as a gimmick; here they are used as natural boundaries to the course and contributors to the view. Every hole is different and unusual, and the course content is brilliantly varied without hardly ever bringing water into play. The best holes are the two Par 5s down the back nine: reachable with some degree of risk, they could yield any score between Eagle and Double Bogey.
Appearance  10/10
Gary Campbell proved with Coogan’s Bluff that he was capable of unbelievably great-looking courses. Here, if anything, he has raised the bar even higher. The textures fit together superbly, the planting is utterly believable and well-observed, the bunkers are abnormally good, and the little extras – from rocks to course buildings – are the icing on the cake. A beauty.
Playability  10/10
There’s an almost unprecedented variety among the holes here. Open fairways, narrow fairways, tough greens, easy greens, deep bunkers, shallow bunkers, the list is endless. The constantly changing gradients mean that very few shots are straightforward. And yet, somehow, the whole thing seems to be effortlessly believable. Magic golf.
Challenge  8/10
The many uphill and downhill shots are the main challenge here, and just to make nothing easy, there is a liberal sprinkling of bunkers around all those points of the course where you’d least like to see it. It’s certainly not overkill, but for many players it’s a little too much. Playing on the most severe conditions would make this a thoroughly miserable round of golf.
Technical  9/10
Almost flawless. It’s a shame the designer has seen fit to borrow so many aspects of his course from elsewhere. Regardless of this, Gary Campbell may not be the most prolific of designers, but with this release he has shown himself to be playing firmly in the big league.
Overall A sublime course, nearly equal to Mike Jones at his best. A must-have, even for those who ‘don’t like’ fictional courses. 47/50
Please remember that Clipnote reviews are the opinion of one person and do not constitute an 'Official' Links Corner review of the course.


 Votes cast
Ace53 %65
Eagle37 %45
Birdie7 %9
Par2 %3
Bogey or worse0 %0

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