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Nautilus Bay Members Edition
by Adriaan Maarschalk

Links Corner Course Database ID Number - 1709
Release Date CRZ Filesize Par Course Length
2006-09-08  60,239,872  bytes 71  7324 yards
Type Style CRZ Filename
FICTIONAL  OCEAN  Nautilus_Bay_Members_Edition.crz 
Course ID Course Key

Re-release containing stock textures instead of the custom ones


CLIPNOTES by Ben Bateson (ousgg)

Fictional, links course
Concept  7/10
This is a great links course in a very British moorland setting, despite its actual locale of South Africa. Each hole cuts cleverly cuts between mounded and extraordinarily well-planted rough and the landscape acts as a more convincing hazard than the bunkers. Perhaps itís not archetypal links golf, but itís certainly a good round of eighteen.
Appearance  9/10
The look of this course is almost flawless. The low-level grass planting to create the rough is spot on, the textures are well chosen, and the customisation is well-done but doesnít subtract from your enjoyment of the round. For a links course, thereís a surprising amount to look at.
Playability  9/10
Because of the constant elevation changes (the whole course lies on the side of a hill), Nautilus Bay calls upon you to bring every shot in the bag. Each hole offers a genuine challenge in the options it presents, and thereís a very real feeling of making progress and achievement. The greens are superb: challenging without being unrealistic. Golf is the real focus here, with very few distractions, and it makes for an extremely successful and rewarding round of golf. Replayability guaranteed!
Challenge  6/10
To become a real links, this course needs to deepen the bunkers and toughen the deep rough. Both are too easy, consequently itís too easy to break par. Nautilus Bay isnít a pushover by any means, but some better hazards would make it a course to treasure that would really push you for birdies.
Technical  9/10
The APCD work on this course is brilliant in its understatement. The customisation is apt, and the texture blends superb. The planting is amazing, filling acres of heathland with nary a sign of a clone. Elevation work is utterly convincing. Perhaps there might be the occasional stretched texture around the extruded tee boxes, and youíre never quite sure whether youíre cliff-top or at sea level, but these are only a very minor quibble.
Overall A lovely course. Perhaps not 100% authentic links, and the challenge suffers as a result, but still very much worth a half hour of anyoneís time. 40/50
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